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Wednesday, January 17, 2018
wide range of medical editing and writing services for research papers


Trial design

This is perhaps the most critical stage of scientific trials. Trial design service includes the preparation of detailed study protocol according to your hypothesis and requirements. Or alternatively, you may wish to have your protocol checked and revised for accuracy, consistency and convenience.

Statistical workup 

Your data will be analyzed by biostatisticians and you will be provided with a detailed report of your results. Or alternatively, you may have the ‘result’ section of your manuscript written from scratch, including text, tables and figures.




We support you at almost all stages of medical manuscript preparation, in order to get a document that can meet international publication standards.

medical editor, medical writerManuscript writing
Our experienced medical writers will prepare your manuscript from scratch, based on a detailed brief of your hypothesis, methods, results and comments.
Mentoring and writing instructions
Following your detailed brief on your hypothesis, methods and results, you will be instructed on how to write the whole manuscript, paragraph by paragraph. You will get a completely customized schema for your manuscript and you will just fill in that template, ending up with a scientifically convenient report.
Critical review
What about having your manuscript reviewed by an expert on manuscript preparation prior to submission? You will get a detailed report on how to improve your manuscript, which will facilitate the acceptance of your manuscript.



medical editorProofreading/editing: Medical editing and proofreading is done by a medical editor and the procedure is focused on correcting spelling, grammar, usage and punctuation errors. Improper use of English language and jargon will be eliminated.

In-depth editing/revision: In addition to standard proofreading and editing, this service places additional emphasis on the overall logical flow and sound of the document and includes major rewriting and reorganization. Confusing parts of your document will be clarified and inconsistencies will be pointed out.
If requested, revisions will be shown as tracked changes and additional comments or questions will be inserted as margin comments.
Medical translation: This service is provided for German, French and Turkish texts. Both translation and editing is performed by expert medical translators and medical editors.



how to write a manuscript, how to write a research paperJournal selection and submission assistance-using our structured criteria based on our experience, we match your study with journals and provide you with 3 to 5 journal suggestions for submission. Then we format the manuscript so that it is consistent with author instructions of the journal that you have selected. This service really works and increases the possibility of acceptance.

Preparation of the artwork
The artwork of your graphs and figures are prepared by our designers according to the artwork instruction of the publishers/journals.

Post-submission revision procedures-This service includes the assistance for the preparation of the revision letter and incorporation of modifications.





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